​Paul Winstanley

Founder & CEO

Paul started his career as a research scientist in the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD). Here he undertook pioneering development of Directed Energy Weapons. He was promoted rapidly to direct the team. In particular he placed considerable emphasis on understanding broader, non-technological issues concerning the future usability of emergent technology. This experience was foundational in his subsequent career.

On the privatisation of the MoD research laboratories to QinetiQ Paul took on a wider technical leadership role. Noteworthy was his leadership of the avionics integration business. Here Paul completed some substantial integration programs on C130 transport aircraft for special operations and also a series of upgrades on the Jaguar fast jet. The latter program is still used as case study material by the UK MoD as an exemplar of rapid, cost effective upgrades that delivered substantial capability enhancement.

Following an internal re-organization Paul was promoted to become QinetiQ’s youngest ever Technical Director. This was in an era where development funding was declining rapidly and based upon his avionics integration expertise Paul established and personally ran a large innovative project to source and integrate technology from the broader, non-defence marketplace. Sourcing and applying technology from the broader market remains a key motivator for Paul. In the same era Paul led a “skunk works” team who were charged with the development of non armour based protection for ships and armoured fighting vehicles  A number of substantial advances were made rapidly that underpinned a number of UK Urgent Operational Requirements for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Additionally, a significant US development program was secured.

Paul’s final role in QinetiQ was as the President and CEO of QinetiQ Inc. He was based in Washington DC from 2007 to 2009. Here he completed the M&A program and directed significant effort to transitioning technology across the Atlantic. Having created a $100m business for UK technology in the US and having comfortably exceeded all his targets against uncertainty in a Presidential election year and a softening economy Paul decided that it was a good time to part from QinetiQ, repatriate to the UK and pursue a strategic development consultancy.

Here Paul’s focus is on the creation of new business and value realization from market diversification in the defence and security sectors and internationally (UK, Europe and USA). We have a broad spectrum of clients and services ranging from one-man start-ups to publicly traded companies. A noteworthy achievement was our success in positioning a maritime security business globally. Paul now combines advisory and executive operational roles, the combination of interests that underpinned his desire to form Alazen.

Paul holds a BSc in Applied Physics with Laser Technology and is a member of the Royal College of Defence Studies (RCDS). Professionally Paul is a Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology and of The Institute of Physics and is a UK registered Chartered Engineer.

Paul enjoys skiing, collecting and listening to music and restoring and driving classic cars.  Currently residing in the UK, Paul is married to Lisa (long suffering) and they have three children Beth, Katie and Joshua and two spaniels, Rosie and Ellie.